Investor Guide

We thank you for the interest in considering Portugal as a possible destination for your investment project.

Over the past year, our country has been considered as a prime location to invest, do business and live.

As an investment destination, success is based on the country's positive approach towards business development and attracting foreign investment.

This approach has ensured a favorable business environment, positioning us as an excellent location as the West Coast of Europe, with strategic access to markets, competitive operational costs, proactive reforms, modern infrastructure networks, commitment to education and science, and resources human flexible, dedicated and competent.

These factors have contributed to a steady flow of new investments in industry, tourism, trade and services, as evidenced by the recent history and significant companies choosing to invest in Portugal.

We present the Investor's Guide, which offers a brief but systematic information on how to invest in Portugal, namely legal parameters, and helping to make it easier for the Portuguese market.

The guide aims to summarize and present targeted information to companies that consider Portugal as potential investment destination. Presents an overview of the country and the investment process, addressing also key issues which relate to legal issues, labor and tax, among others.

Hoping to welcome you in Portugal, we invite you to discover a country of opportunities.


Why Portugal?

To choose Portugal is to choose an exciting country, in the West Coast of Europe, to invest and buy high quality services and products. It is also the choice for a privileged, geographically strategic location, ideal for those seeking to supply the European market or expand their businesses to other parts of the world.

Portugal has great logistic and communication infrastructures with connections to major cities by air, land, sea, road or railway and our communications and telephone systems are known as one of the best and more advanced in the world.

The success of a project is also shaped by the quality of its human resources. In Portugal we have a highly skilled and talented workforce available with additional 100 thousand graduates joining the labor market briefly.

Portugal is an innovative country with a friendly economic environment and diversified regionsA wide range of services are available online to help you set up your company and tools available to advice you about the best location for your project.

And, of course, Portugal is not only a good country to invest but also a desirable place to live. You can find sunshine in most of the days helping you feel motivated and productive.


Source from Portugal, Why?

On the West Coast of Europe is one of the countries that has seen the most change over the past 30 years.

An innovative country with diversified regions, inventive and hospitable people. A place with potential and proven successes and a remarkable recent boost in clean energy; an ideal region to live, and to invest. Well-located, cosmopolitan, vibrant. A beautiful location, with a romantic and informal atmosphere. In this country, the history of the old continent blends with the courageous and enterprising spirit that has always characterized our nation. Our traditional qualities of adaptability and flexibility are now seen in our capacity to create and use new technologies and services, and to respond to the specific demands of each client.

Today, we compete ambitiously in the globalized world of which we were precursors. Opportunitiesinnovationtalent and leadership all combine to create a unique region, in this country open to the world.

Welcome to the Business Coast.

Opening a Company in Portugal

If "time is money" you are immediatly saving money by opening a company in Portugal. Due to the On the Spot Companies innovative system the incorporation of a new company takes on average, only 46 minutes. Far less then the average time required in the OECD countries. The procedures to set up a company, in Portugal, are not only fast, but also getting less and less expensive. The cost of set up procedures have been reduced to a quarter of the previous level.

Cut red tape (reduction of bureaucracy) as been a great concern in our country. Portugal is committed to a program that targets to reduce red tape in 25% by 2012. Considerable work has already been achieved to ease the burden of bureaucracy for companies and citizens. We are happy to refer that we are an award winning country in red tape cutting and IMF has recognized the usefulness of Simplex program in this effort. Portugal occupies the first place in the ranking of availability and sophistication of public services online in Europe, according to the European Commission.

At aicep Portugal Global Group, we have developed tools to ease the search for a location for your business. With Global Find you can easily find a plot in a developed park to build up your plant or lease a warehouse and then compare different possibilities. A tool that will help you find the best spot in the country.

And of course, if you are considering Portugal to do business, let us know about it. aicep Portugal Global - Trade & Investment Agency is your reliable partner and your “one stop-shop”, publicly owned Agency, that helps you go forward with your business. Whether you’re planning to invest or buy Portuguese products and services we will be glad to help. Let us know how This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." title="aicep Portugal Global">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..