Conditions of Participation


Our work is the production and realization of a video presentation of the expertise of your company, products and services in the form of Digital HD Broadcast, lasting 1-7 minutes in English and Portuguese.

Value for one minute video: € 990.00 + VAT
Value for 2 minute video: € 1790.00 + VAT
Value for video 3 minutes: € 2490.00 + VAT
Value for 5-minute video: € 3990.00 + VAT
Value for video 7 minutes: € 4990.00 + VAT

This figure is included:
 Production and implementation of a video expertise with graphics and narration in English and Portuguese;
 Assignment of rights for use of the film and publishing online social networks and websites and corporate officers of the company;
 Delivery of the film in DVD format Personalized Video PAL;
 Placement and retention in the App Portugal Industry for a period of one year.