Essilor Portugal


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Essilor Portugal
Essilor Portugal
The commitment of Essilor Portugal with its status of responsible company, seeking continuous refining and demanding quality, form a partnership that contributes for a future built on motivation and confidence. We manufacture oftalmic lenses and sell frames and instruments for optical professional, with a focus on innovation and technology. We also serve the national and international markets. We are a global brand. Our clients reach a high level of satisfaction and continuous improvement of quality, a condition which is non-negotiable. Our relationship with partners and collaborators is based on trust, with our national and international notoriety a natural result of the distincitve competence of our service.
Essilor Portugal
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Street:Edifício Essilor Rua do Pino Verde, 2 e 2a Alto do Forte Telephone:219 179 800
PostCode: 2635-225 Fax:219 162 225
City:Rio de Mouro


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