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Ervideira Wines
Ervideira Wines
The estates of Monte da Ribeira and Herdadinha both belong to the Leal da Costa family, which can be traced back to the Count of Ervideira, a successful farmer who lived between 19th and 20th centuries. The Count, who received his nobel title from king Carlos I in recognition for his social work in the region, began producing wine in 1880, as one can see in the bottles the company proudly exhibits in its wine tasting room. With 160 ha of vineyards, divided between the Vidigueira and Reguengos estates, Ervideira?s administration is held by the family matriarch D. Maria Isabel and her six children, being Duarte Leal da Costa the executive director. The oenological direction is under direction of Nelson Rolo
Ervideira Wines
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Street:Herdade da Herdadinha Telephone:+351 266 950 01
PostCode:7200 Fax:+351 266 950 01
City:Vendinha, Reguengos de Monsaraz Website:


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